FRPNET Zar Programı

Adventure Hook Generator
AD&D DM Program by Torquil Gault
Background Generator
Chainmail Battle Sheets
Chainmail Terrain
Chainmail Comprehensive Rulebook (319 Kb ZIP)
Chainmail Warband Generator 3a (481 Kb ZIP)
Chainmail Warband Generator update 1.4
Chainmail Stat Cards
City Generator by Robert Bottorff (ZIP 100 Kb)
Cool Tools by Keith Uher (ZIP 688Kb)
Cool Tools 2 Program to help DMs by Keith Usher
Critical Hits Table by Orestto Robles (ZIP 103 Kb)
Critical Hits Table by ?? (ZIP 39 Kb)
Combat Generator (ZIP 160k) needs Java 1.3 Runtime
Combat made easy (ZIP 82 Kb) by Paul Barker
D&D Helper using D&D Adventure critical and fumble tables.
Demon Construction Matirx by Dave Cecil (ZIP 133Kb)
Dice Roller #1 (ZIP 62 Kb)
Dice Roller #2 (ZIP 89Kb)
Dice Roller #3 (ZIP 43Kb) by Alex Guttierrez
Dice Roller #4 (ZIP 113Kb) by Tim Pearce
Dice Roller #5 (ZIP 30 Kb) by Brian Carson
Faylin’s Dice Roller (ZIP 285Kb) by Brian Carson
Dungeons & Dragons Dice Roller WOTC style
Dungeon Maker (ZIP 257Kb) by Pete Tyjewski
Draconian Map Gallery
Dungeon Crafter Map Generator
DM’s Combat Sheet (ZIP 49 Kb) in Excel
DM’s Familiar (17 Mb) from the site DM’s Familiar
DM Master Sheet (ZIP 7Kb) Keep track of players
DM’s Screen for 3.5E (ZIP 187Kb) by René Mongrain
DM’s Screen on the PC (ZIP 1995Kb) at DM Screens
DM Screen (55Kb ZIP) by Eduardo Moranchel
DM Secretary 4.1.10 (ZIP 33.5Mb) PC tool for running games
DM Sheets to keep track of players (ZIP 203 Kb)
Download Archive WOTC lots of stuff!
Dungeon Downloads downbloadable fold up scenery
Encounters Sheet by Joe DeMaggio (ZIP 106 Kb)
Forgotten Realms Calander (ZIP 104Kb)
Grail Monter Lookup by Joe Benson (ZIP 2.9 MB)
Hex Grid Blank Map by Kevin Morris (GIF 70 Kb)
Hook Generator
Intelligent Item Statistic Sheet (ZIP 21Kb) by Wiebe Haanstra
Interactive Dungeon Site or file (ZIP 3091Kb) Use this instead of graph paper
Internet RPG Client
Jamis Buck’s Dungeon Generator
Jamis Buck’s NPC Generator
Jamis Buck’s Town Generator
Jamis Buck’s Treasure Generator
Jani Peltola Encounter Generator
Map Resources by Adman Ferguson
Mass Combats (ZIP 5 Kb)
Master Smith by ?? (ZIP 79Kb)
Money Transformer for 3.5E ZIP 4 Kb
Money Converter
Monster Creation Sheet by Matthew McWilliams ZIP 176Kb
PC Gen from Mortality
PC name generator by Geir (ZIP 111 Kb)
Periodic Table of Elementals by Dane Farris
Player Inventory Sheet (ZIP 295 Kb)
Coin and Gem generator / dice roller in Excel by Roger Sorensen (ZIP 13 Kb)
Random Dungeons Generator by Hans Mills
Record Sheets of all types
RPG Manager or file (ZIP 5Mb) Create worlds and campaigns
RP Tools Nice set of gaming tools for DMs.
RolePlayingMaster (RPM) from Mortality
Rumor Generator by Alexander Harms
Spell Statistics (ZIP 1 Mb)
Stronghold Builder (ZIP 16 Kb) by Mario ??
Table Smith (ZIP 2190 Kb) description generator (Useful)
Tabletop Mapper (ZIP 1.3 Mb)
Tavern Maker by Bernhard Schaffer
Thieves Guild Generator (ZIP 840 Kb) (Useful)
Tracking Sheet (ZIP 138Kb)
Trade Goods (alchemy, items, goods, ZIP 472 Kb) by Mandy Williams
Treasure Generator by Myth Weavers
Treasury Database (ZIP 61Kb “mdb” file) by James Thomas
Weapons and Armor from many books (ZIP 335 Kb)

1st Edition Monsters: from The 3rd Edition
Arabian Nights
Battle System converted to 3E (ZIP 58 Kb)
Birthright Campaign: from The 3rd Edition
Conversion 2E to 3E (ZIP 6005 Kb)
How to Convert Monsters from 2E (ZIP 539 Kb)
Darksun Campaign: from The 3rd Edition
Foldup Paper Models Archive from WOTC
Downloadable Terrain for Minatures from WOTC
Dungeon/Town Cutouts (ZIP 2.5Mb) ©2001 Matthew Whipps
3.5E Desktop Themes
Art Gallery from WOTC
Art Gallery Ghostwalk
Class Progression Program by Alex Thompson (ZIP 18Kb)
Combat Reference Sheet (ZIP 58 Kb) for 3E
Critical Hit and Fumble Table (ZIP 267 Kb)
Critical Hit and Fumble Table 2 by Lance Kepner & Earle Teagarden (ZIP 79 Kb)
Demon Matrix by Dave Cecil ZIP 51Kb (make your own demons)
Drow in the Underdark (ZIP 128 Kb) by Mark Reginald Goodrich
Fey Matrix by Dave Cecil ZIP 53Kb (redone by Justice Summerland)
Hybrids, playing half-something in 2E D&D (ZIP 11 Kb)
Map a Week Archive for adventures
Monster Manual II Art Gallery
Monster Mythology (ZIP 108 Kb) Some details for humanoids and demi-humans
Name Generator
Player/DM Reference Sheets (ZIP 105 Kb)
PC Spell Sheets for each class (ZIP 269 Kb))
Plots for DMs
Riddle Me This
Spell Reference Sheets (ZIP 809 Kb)
Deep Underdark
Wheel of Time RPG Mega Art Gallery
Wild Psionic Talents for 3E (ZIP 6 Kb)
WOTC Archive
Netbook of Armor (ZIP 38 Kb)
Netbook of Feats
Netbook of Planes
Netbook of Psionics
Netbook of Slavery (ZIP 87 Kb) by Gryc Ueusp
Netbook of Time
Tomb of the Damned (ZIP 730 Kb)
The Net Book of Plots, Volume 1-6 (ZIP 301Kb)
The Net Book of Plots
, HTML version Volume 1-6 (ZIP 580 Kb)

Archive of all the WOTC Web Enhancements

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